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Te Kupu o te Wiki – 2017/18

In celebration of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week), we are again bringing you Te Kupu o te Wiki … not just for a week: for a whole year!

Kia ora te reo Māori

The theme for this year is:

Kia Ora te reo Māori

The emphasis of Te Kupu o te Wiki this year is colloquial youth expressions (in English and Māori) and links to traditional whakatauki, for example:

Mauri mahi, mauri ora
"Do the mahi, get the treats" (through work, we prosper)

The full whakataukī (‘Māori proverb’) is: “Mauri mahi, mauri ora; mauri noho, mauri mate” – Industry begets prosperity; idleness begets poverty.

Here are some things to do:

  1. Register for Kupu o te Rā and you will also receive Te Kupu o te Wiki every Monday.
  2. During Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Hā o te Rā is running free Māori language pronunciation sessions, so learn more and sign up!
  3. Win cool headphones courtesy of Moana Rd – check out te Kupu o te Rā on Facebook for more info.
  4. Want to plan ahead or practise to impress your friends? See below for the first set of kupu together with the sound files (MP3s).

Mauri mahi, mauri ora"Do the mahi, get the treats" (through work, we prosper)
Ehara i te tīY.O.L.O. – you only live once
He kapu kawhe māu?Would you like a cup of coffee?
Āhea tātou e wehe atu?When are we leaving?
Kei te aha?Up to? (What are you up to / doing?)
Wehi nā!OMG! Oh my gosh!
Kei te haere koe ki hea?Where are you off to? Where are you going?
Mea rawa akenek minnit / next minute / very soon
Ka mutu pea!Mean! / Excellent!
E mea ana koe!You bet! / Certainly!
Wāwau ana!That's cray cray! / That's crazy!
Taiea ana!Skux! / You got swag!
Hangareka ana!What a crack up!

Some good resources: