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KupuBrief description
raparapaextension of the barge boards of the meeting house.
maihibarge boards of the meeting house (gables)
korurucarved head at the apex of the meeting house
rorothe front end of the meeting house, porch
tāhuhuthe main ridge-pole of the meeting house
tekotekocarved figure at the apex of the meeting house
whare whakairocarved house
whakairo(tia/ngia)carving, decorate, decorated, carve, engrave
wharenuimeeting house
poupouupright slabs forming the solid part of the walls of a meeting house, usually carved into figures
wharekaifood house, cafeteria, eatery
wharepakutoilet / lavatory
paepaebench at the front of the meeting house, front row of seats
marae āteathe open space in the front of the meeting house
mahauthe porch of the meeting house