Locative nouns*

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KupuBrief description
keipreposition, present time and place location - at, in
iby, due to (in stative sentences only); preposition, past time and place location - at, in
rungaon, above
rarounder, beneath
rotoin, inside, into
muribehind, after
waenganuibetween, middle, amid
te taha mauīthe left-hand side
te taha matauthe right-hand side
muain front, before
koneihere, this place (near to or in conection to the speaker)
konāthere, that place or thereabouts (by the person spoken to)
korāover there, yonder, that place or there abouts (away from the speaker and listener)
reirathere, the aforementioned place or time
tātahithe seaside, the beach
tawhitiin the distance, afar
tāwāhioverseas, abroad, the other side
utaashore, landward